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Actually, differences are important in a relationship. If there are few of them, both will be bored with one another. Each Zodiac sign has one of those qualities. Gemini in mutable, which means a follower, always ready for change and variety. That blends rather well with other mutable signs in a relationship, if they have patience to discover that in each other. They are Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. They have similar impatience and curiosity, but that also means they may run past each other without even noticing this similarity. Gemini is much more compatible with the cardinal signs, which are the leaders taking the initiative.

They like change as well, as long as they decide on it. They are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Such a relationship, with one leader and one follower, is at least mostly smooth. But of course, there can be other issues. Cardinal signs tend to take things more seriously. With the fixed signs, uneager or slow to change, Gemini easily gets bored and restless. Having things the same as before is exactly what Gemini does not want. It is not easy for such a couple to stay together for any amount of time.

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The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. But nothing is written in stone. A relationship is complex. There is no guarantee as to what will work and what will not, especially at length.

Gemini & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

His approach to sexuality is different. He enjoys talking and getting to know someone, and that is the thing which inspires him to go further into intimacy with a woman. She is also beautiful, but often a bit flaky. She is sexy, but not in a traditional way. She attracts men mostly with her sharp intellect and witty remarks. She regularly appears disinterested, and that is often how she feels, although sometimes she might act like that on purpose. That is a trait, which drives men crazy. She often uses this trait to hide her true feelings and emotions.

The reasons might be various, from trying to protect her for some reason, to trying to gain something. This woman is usually a good actress, and can easily play many different women roles. She does that mostly because she enjoys doing it, but some Gemini women have problems with honesty and are often prone to deceiving others.

They are usually very ambitious and eager to gain more knowledge. These women are generally not attracted to muscles and physical appearance in a man. She would much rather talk to the bald little man with the jar eyeglasses who stands alone in the corner but is a Harvard graduate than with the cutest hunk in the room, admired by all the girls. Noting is more attractive to this girl than a man who mentally challenges her and whom she finds interesting.

This woman loses interest quickly, and it takes a lot to occupy her mind. If she begins boring herself in your presence, she might start searching for inspiration and excitement elsewhere. This woman is not very passionate unless there is some fire or Scorpio prominent in her chart. She loves sex but prefers the excitement and intellectual challenge which leads to sex. She is not a home type of woman, and although she can be a good wife and mother, she is often seeking some satisfaction outside her house, usually related to her work and career, or intellectual advancement, in the form of additional education and specialization.

Her man must be willing to improve and progress if he plans to have her by his side for a long time.

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  4. She is also not a type of a woman who can easily be told what to do. Because she usually chooses partners who choose partnership over domination, she is rarely in that situation. As a parent, she can be very strict to her children, especially when it comes to their education. She considers their education very important and expects them to be the best they can in school. She often considers it a personal failure if her children fail at school.

    She loves movement and travels frequently. They are natural born flirts, and the banter with them will keep you on your toes and laughing for the duration of your relationship. However, when they do choose you, know that they have chosen you for a reason. A Gemini does not get into a relationship until they have met their match intellectually and energetically.

    They have had plenty of practice, and they are known to get around, so when they do settle down, they are very self assured and absolutely compelled by their choice. In order to stay happy in a relationship, a Gemini needs change, stimulation and excitement. If you can give that to one, they will be yours for life. A Gemini is thirsty for knowledge. They always want to learn new things. An ideal date would stimulate this aspect of their personality. Take them out to watch the premiere of a new documentary, and then afterwards plan to go for drinks so you can chat about everything you noticed and absorbed from the film.

    They will be stimulated the whole night. A Gemini will always shake it up in the bedroom. You will never know what is coming next.

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    They adore having their arms and their thighs touched. They are all over the place in regards to their sexual style, ranging from making love to you to being absolute filthy animals underneath the sheets. Expect an adventure if you choose to sleep with a Gemini.

    A Gemini will act like they do not care when their heart is broken. They will never take on any responsibility for the ending of the companionship, and will always blame the other person for being unworthy, ill-equipped. This stems from their extremely superficial and prideful personality. They will likely set out to find someone better for them, searching for the next upgrade they can sink their teeth into instead of coping emotionally.

    Gemini (astrology)

    A Gemini is often considered to be the social connector in the group. They bring together a lot of different people, merging different friendship cliques and creating inclusive companionships. Whenever a Gemini is around, there will always be laughter and fun. However, a Gemini can be an extremely flaky friend, and they will never commit to a plan because they are always worried that something better will come up. Though they have large circles of friends, if a Gemini calls you their best friend, you can be sure that you are one of very few close people in their life. A Gemini will respect you if you are well spoken, well dressed, and if you have a wit to you.

    They appreciate banter and think that those who can shell it out are intelligent and superior to those who cant.

    Taurus Traits and Characteristics

    A Gemini is the most talkative sign in the Zodiac, so it comes as no surprise that they tend to get mad and dish out their anger in the form of screaming, shouting, and cursing. They know how to break someone down using words, and they will not hesitate to do so. When you get the other side of an angry Gemini, they can be levelheaded and calm, using extremely mean and cutting language to almost passively hurt you deeply.

    They always go right for the jugular. If you judge a Gemini, or if you tell them what to do, expect to get verbally assaulted. When sad, a Gemini gets very quiet. However, inside their mind is racing, as they completely consume themselves in a bout of overthinking. They absolutely hate being sad, and refuse to allow themselves to feel morose, often disassociating and detaching in order to forget about their sensitivities.

    They love knowing that their input is appreciated. At their best, a Gemini is strongly adaptable and resourceful. They are always good at what they put their mind to, and they are ridiculously intelligent. They are so much fun, and they inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. At their worst, a Gemini is often all over the place. They will never apologize, and will shout if someone calls them out for being a little hardened to judgement.

    The main facet of any Gemini personality is expression. Therefore, they often fear not being able to express themselves fully. A Gemini loves intellectual, stimulating work.

    Junior-Senior Partners

    They work best in fast paced, high pressured environments where they will be required to work on many different things.

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