December 3 2019 tarot reading

Once your efforts are through, your dreams will surely come true. Posted on October 7, Updated on October 7, Today, Venus leaves home sign of Libra, and moves into Scorpio, its sign of detriment. Right now, you are sandwiched between two aspects involving the Sun yesterday, the Sun squared Saturn, and tomorrow, the Sun will quincunx Neptune.

While the square is waning today, you can still feel a bit let down, perhaps depressed, or even lacking in optimism. With the quincunx building, if you are a believer in positive affirmations, you will find the Sun working to rebuild your ego and confidence.


The Sun is all about fun, feeling favored by the Universe, and bringing light, vitality, and warmth to the situation. The mere depiction of the two adorable dogs palling around is a good indicator of the positive adventures to be had today. Remember, if these two aspects of the Sun surrounding you are in any way affecting your energy, reaffirm your intentions for the day in a positive and optimistic way. Posted on October 7, Updated on September 26, We dread any form of muscle activation.

We roll when there is an incline available, but when we really need to go somewhere, we ride! Sprouting wings on our bikes to fly, reaching for the sky. So are you game, or are you game? Vroom vroom vroooooooooom! Posted on October 6, Updated on October 6, Today, this beautiful 6 of Pentacles Earth , comes to us at a very appropriate time. The Moon is in none other than Aquarius today, the sign of the humanitarian. When we see the 6 of Pentacles, we are reminded to share our resources, of which, the most important is time. It is easy to perform charitable gestures, such as paying it forward, and while they are indeed commendable, your time is the most valuable thing which you have to offer.

It could be helping the proverbial old lady cross the street, or sitting down to have a chat with someone who normally would not have someone with whom to hold a conversation. This card also comes with the caution not to overextend oneself, while operating under the pretense of doing good, for you can deplete your resources, leaving nothing for you, or anyone else for that matter. It is not meant to be a Scrooge, but rather to maintain a balance in the give-and-take of life. Today, being a Monday, is also a good time to delegate, share the workload, if you will.

Remember, you can still maintain control without shouldering the entire load yourself. Posted on October 6, Updated on September 29, Light Seer: grieving, disillusion, disappointment, betrayal, bitterness, wallowing, self-pity, can signify a broken heart. Shadow Seer: not letting go of past trauma, crying over spilled milk, rooting deeply into shadow work without healing and letting go, old stories that become a part of us, callousness, becoming jaded.

In order to avoid a calloused heart, find seeds of forgiveness and release yourself from any guilt around the situation. If we are driven by fear, anger, lust or jealously, we will make decisions that are short sided and often unhealthy. Strength is all about patience. It is about slowing down long enough to hear what we need rather than what we want.

It is about building a solid path ahead.

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This card is connected to The Heirophant because they both call us to be still. They want us to tap into the power of listening before we make any decisions. When on the path to find a new direction it can be tempting to make quick choices, but remember that timing is so important if we want things to go well. Openness and patience will be your friends this week. We can set ourselves up for success by planning, listening, and staying aware. There is so much goodness on the horizon. Mantra for the week: The Universe has a glorious path for me.


I am both open and patient when receiving signs on where to go. The Hierophant and Strength We are continuing to receive messages and signs from the Universe. Share this:.

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    She is an experienced teacher as well as a reader, and she uses both sets of skills to help you answer your questions. Tapping in through the symbols and patterns in the cards, she can zero in on what that information means for you and how you can reach your goals, your joy, and your power by using the surrounding events and energies to your advantage. He will decipher the meanings in the lines and maybe even throw in a bit of numerology if you ask nicely. Yes, she has over twenty years experience working with and reading Tarot cards. Like this: Like Loading Eye of Horus Metaphysical Book online!

    December 3 2019 tarot reading
    December 3 2019 tarot reading
    December 3 2019 tarot reading
    December 3 2019 tarot reading
    December 3 2019 tarot reading
    December 3 2019 tarot reading
    December 3 2019 tarot reading
    December 3 2019 tarot reading

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